Mr. Christie possesses an extraordinary combination of abilities and experience that make him uniquely qualified to prepare you for the arduous journey and hidden challenges you are facing.

FPC is here to assist you in every phase, but will focus on preparing you for the most stressful and difficult aspect of your journey, incarceration. Having lived it, we can be your guide to survival. We can provide you with every tool you need to emerge with sound body, mind and spirit. Mr. Christie’s approach to working with clients is 100% personal. He doesn’t just give you a book of rules, he takes the time to understand who you are, and all aspects of your case. Because no matter how many rules of prison etiquette you memorize, and they are important, you will eventually find yourself in situations that will call for decisions based on inner strength and self confidence. This has always been Mr. Christie’s greatest asset, and he can teach you how to achieve this yourself.

Think again. Did you know that many state prisons have an exchange program with the federal prison system? The exchange program is used as a resolution for overcrowding - and as a carrot for information and testimony from career criminals. In fact, you could end up housed with a convicted murderer who testified for an easier life away from a state penal system, into the federal system. It’s even possible that you could be transferred to a state prison yourself. There are many hidden challenges you will face. We are here to assist you in every phase of your journey. Our ultimate goal is to keep you safe – and we take it personally.

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