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Having achieved a great measure of notoriety in his life, George Christie has spoken in depth with an enormous variety and number of people, in all walks of life, from the Hollywood elite, to media intellectual, and convicted criminal. He communicates with everyone in the same way, and quickly gets to the heart of the matter.

You and Mr. Christie will discuss in great detail, a broad range of topics. No subject is unimportant. No detail too small. For example, how you handle the first minutes off the bus and into the institution, may determine the character of your entire incarceration. In other words…


  1. Respect everyone.
  2. Don’t make yourself big.
  3. Don’t be loud.
  4. Don’t borrow things.
  5. Keep proper eye contact.
  6. Don’t accept gifts.
  7. Don’t complain.
  8. Respectfully hold your ground.
  9. Make friends slowly.
  10. Watch what is going on around you.

Mr. Christie will explain to you how to implement every one of these ‘Ten Commandments’. From where trouble is likely to start and when, how to carry yourself with guards and staff, avoiding sexual predators, addressing the ‘color line’, chow hall, and the showers, to prisoners rights, yard assignments, visitation and holidays. You will be given all the tools you need to survive and grow from your experience.

We want to understand who you are, in as much detail as you will allow, and everything about your case. We will coordinate with your legal team, and all relevant parties, such as investigators, and family. We will participate with your team to any extent you desire, at any time.

When your legal outcome becomes clear, we will put together a detailed plan for navigating your incarceration, based on evaluating your unique strengths and weaknesses and considering the facility in which you will be placed. Through specific visualizations, we can suggest how various types of individuals could ‘play you’, and what your best responses would be. There is no substitute for this type of advisement.

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The country has one president, a movie, one director, and your case – one leader. Your attorney.

FPC will never supersede or interfere with your attorney’s agenda. But any good attorney will take good ideas from anywhere, and we can contribute. Your attorney will have his hands full with your case: strategy, evidence, testimony, witnesses, the filing of motions and documents, etc. Our job, in this phase of your journey, is to facilitate communication between you and your legal team. For example, we can provide for discussion, written lists of options that might apply to your case.

We are very knowledgeable about every phase of the trial experience, having lived it. Our experiences and resources are deep and we can contract nearly any service you might need.

Mr. Christie worked as a legal administrator 1995 to 2001, and has dealt with numerous top criminal attorneys in his cases and others. Remarkably, he has also been privy to the criminal cases of hundreds of other individuals, from strategy to final resolution. He can be a powerful tool on your legal team to get you two of the things you desire most – the minimum amount of time to serve, and the best place to serve it. There are many avenues to explore for reduced sentencing, FPC will help your team explore them. Thoughtfulness, and hard work will win out.

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