Indicted with over 65 counts during his 35 year battle with federal, state, and local agencies, Mr. Christie has been successful in limiting his incarceration to two terms, one state and one federal. Each of these terms ran about a year. His time in Terminal Island Federal Correctional Institute gave him deep insight into the inner workings of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It was a facility that housed all levels of inmates. His second experience was somewhat different – a state facility where he was kept in a segregated housing unit [SHU], where the most dangerous and high profile inmates are housed. Placed in isolation, but by no means afforded complete protection from dangerous predators, it was just a different set of rules.

Mr. Christie has negotiated the volatile and dangerous street world successfully for decades. Law enforcement and street individuals acknowledge his uniqueness. Exceptionally intelligent, articulate, and possessing a thoughtful character, many organizations have sought his views on a variety of subjects. He has given hundreds of interviews to all formats of media, including print, radio, and national television, including a segment on 60 minutes with Mike Wallace. He can advise you of the many pros and cons of media statements regarding your particular case.

Mr. Christie is not an attorney, but he has a strong legal mind. He worked as a legal administrator from 1995 to 2001, and has dealt with numerous top criminal attorneys in his cases and others. Remarkably, he has also been privy to the criminal cases of hundreds of other individuals – from strategy to final resolution. He can be a powerful resource available to your legal team.

As a martial arts instructor, Mr. Christie believes that mental strength is far more important than physical. A single individual can never physically dominate a prison, but one can negotiate a successful path relying on character and inner strength, along with following the distinct rules of conduct in this very alien world. This has always been Mr. Christie’s philosophy and can be your greatest asset on the inside.

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