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Courts wont restrict violent video games. In a 7 to 2 vote the high court shot down california’s law that restricted violent video games to minors. The cour stated video games fall under the first amendment & the government has no power to restrict ideas, even to minors. Justice scalia went so far as to compare violence in video games to gore in grimm fairy tales. It seems clear, the court wants restrictions to come from parents and not the government and isn’t this best for all concerned.

Facebook takes stand

Cnn reported today that facebook has taken a stand against law enforcement request for user information. Without a warrant no information will be turned over to investigators….

Cell phone search warrants

Warrant-less cell phone search warrants are spreading across the u.S. Is it legal, well that depends on what state you are in. Regardless of the legality of it, many law enforcement agencies do it, and i speak from experience. If you are concerned about police accessing your cell phone data, use your security setting pass code to secure it. If the police ask you to unlock it, inform them “not without a warrant”.

Minors get miranda rights

The supreme court ruled last week that age must now be considered when questioning children. The court ruling states that minors must be advised of their miranda rights, whenever and wherever they are questioned. In the past interviews done at schools did not include advising students of their right to remain silent. Information gained in this manor has been used to get convictions against juveniles.

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